Create Rhinestone Designs with Hot Fix Tape

Hot Fix Tape is perfect for making your own rhinestone, rhinestud, and nailhead designs. The tape is two layers with clear peel-away adhesive-backed top and white backing.  With hot fix tape, the world becomes your canvas for creating a design any size that you want on almost anything you want it on. (Hot fix tape is 24cm wide (9.5 inches) wide and available by the roll (100 meters /110 yards) or by the yard.  Cut length as desired, and tape sheets together to achieve widths larger than 9½ inches.)


Making A Design Sheet


1.     Find a design.

Hot fix designs are usually a very simple outline to which you add hot-fix rhinestones, rhinestones, pearls, etc. Even a “solid” object is conveyed by scattered stones evenly placed.   Draw your own original design or search coloring books, internet clip art, old embroidery patterns—often available on eBay, etc. (Note: cross stitch patterns make excellent design sheets.  You will place a stone on the “x.”)

2.     Decide your design sheet orientation and size.

Direction: The finished design will be upside down from your pattern.  You can, however, change the orientation by scanning into a computer and flipping the design or by tracing onto tracing paper that allows you to see the design through the sheet. 

Size: Your pattern is the same size as your final design. Again, you can scan to resize pattern or enlarge/reduce with a copier.  The final copy of this step will become your design sheet. You will be able to see this pattern through the clear Mylar sheet.

3.     Plan colors and placement of your design.

You will be working upside down on the design: all of the stones you place will gook gray to you. So it is a good idea to plan your colors and placement very carefully before you begin.  For example, draw tiny colored dots on the pattern for placement.  Or draw a grid with stone placement where the grid crosses. Felt will keep your stones from traveling, so you might consider laying out your entire design onto a piece of  felt and then removing the stones one at a time to your Hot Fix Tape design.


Creating A Hot Fix Iron-on Motif 



  • Design Sheet
  • Hot Fix tape
  • Hot fix media (rhinestones, rhinestuds, pearls) in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to complete your design
  • Hemostats, tweezers, tooth picks, fingernail orange sticks, etc. for manipulating the stones.
  • Square of felt to hold loose hot-fix stones.
  • Work surface that is flat, hard, and smooth.
  • Iron



1.     Assemble your materials.      

2.     Tape your design sheet to your work space with Scotch tape or masking tapes.

3.     Remove the white backing from the clear Mylar sheet.     

4.     Place clear sheet directly on top of pattern (sticky side up) and tape down the edges. (Using tape sparingly; you will be removing it from the design.)

5.     Use a piece of felt to keep loose stones from flying or sliding away.

6.     Place the stones shiny-side down and the glue-side up onto clear sticky surface, following the outline of your pattern to create the design.

7.     Use your hemostats, tweezers, pointers, etc. to place or nudge stones into place. 

8.     When all stones are in place, replace the white plastic paper backing and remove scotch tape.

9.     Check your design to make sure it is the way you want it.  If  you want to change any part of the design,  simply remove backing and re-position stones.

10. You can store this design with the white backing in place-in a cool place-until you are ready to use it.

11. Iron on design as you would any other rhinestone motif.