How to use Hot Fix Applicator Wand

The Hot Fix Applicator Wand is designed to apply hot fix decorations such as rhinestones, rhinestuds, pearls, sequins, etc. to almost any surface. Wand is easy to use and perfect for all kinds of crafts, for example with machine embroidery designs and on clothing, craft items, shoes, purses, home décor and more. (6w Electric Rhinestone Applicator. UL and CULL listed, 110 Volt. Plug designed for US)


Hot Fix wand Square of felt to hold loose stones Hot fix media (rhinestones, rhinestuds, and pearls) in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to complete your design Hemostats, tweezers, tooth picks, fingernail orange sticks, tec. For manipulating the stones Work surface that is flat, hard, and smooth

Plan your design

Design needs are very flexible

“Eyeball” the design, creating as you go. Draw your own design, using a water erasable quilting marker on fabric or an artist’s grease pencil on solid surfaces, such as a cell phone or DVD player. Use a washable iron-on embroidery design.

Select suitable tip

Included with each applicator are 7 interchangeable application tips in the 2mm – 6ss, 3mm – ss10, 4mm – ss16, 5mm – ss20, 6mm – ss30, 7mm – ss34, and two flat tips.

The tips that match stone sizes are concave to fit over the stone and ensure maximum melting of glue. These tips won’t work especially well for stones on fabrics that will be laundered often. The flat tips are simply tiny irons that can be used with any size stone. The flat tips are especially effective for avoiding applying direct heat to fragile fabrics or to electronic appliances.

Secure tip to COOL Applicator Wand

Note that the metal parts of the applicator wand are all VERY hot. Always change tips when the iron has cooled.

Heat Applicator Wand

It is ready in two minutes.

Place Stone on Design

Use tweezers or hemostat to pick up and place stones. Place loose stones on a felt square to keep them from scattering.

Place Hot Wand over the Stone

Hold wand in place 3 to 10 seconds. [Practice using the wand on different fabrics to see how our wand works. Determine time and pressure needed for the best results on your project. If a stone adheres to the iron rather than your design surface, either the iron needs to be cleaned or it has been held to the surface a little too long. (In any case, if it does stick, you will need to unplug the wand, let it cool, and clean the tip (see 7 and 8)]

Unplug Wand and let Tips and Wand Cool

Caution: Iron and tips are very hot

Clean the Tips and Metal Wand Parts

Clean your wand and tips after each use. The process melts glue to liquid, and while it dries clear on your design, it will sometimes leak onto the wand’s hot surfaces—and melt again the next time you heat your wand. CLEAN ONLY AFTER ALL SURFACES ARE COOL. You can use a fine wire brush to clean glue off the metal parts or a cotton swab with fingernail polish remover. Rub a damp cloth over all parts after you clean them to remove small metal shavings and/or acetone.