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Flash Sale⚡ 44% Off Cotton Multicolor Thread
Flash Sale⚡ 44% Off Cotton Multicolor Thread

11 Cone Pink Color Builder Rayon Thread Set - 1000m Cones - Silky Luxurious Finish

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Current price $18.99
This color builder rayon thread set includes 11 cones pink shades of rayon thread as pictured.  Our color builder sets are perfect for you to build your thread collection in pretty pink shades.  Rayon is the classic thread choice for sewing beautiful decorative stitches and free motion machine embroidery. Rayon thread is light weight and has the same luster and natural finish as silk thread but it is stronger and less expensive. Color fast with regular washing and dry cleaning. We do not recommend using bleach or other whitening agents with rayon thread.
  • 40 weight/2 ply
  • Each cone sealed in clear shrink wrap
  • Excellent strength and shine.
  • 100% rayon fiber
  • 1000 meter mini-king spools.