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40 Color Embroidery Machine Starter Bundle With Thread, Rack, Stabilizer, & Bobbins

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The essential set! This set includes 40 cones of vibrant polyester machine embroidery thread, a 60 spool thread rack, one cone of white bobbin thread, and 8x8 tearaway backing. Embroidery Thread 1000 meters (1100 yards) per mini-king cone. 40 weight. Includes popular colors like black, white, red and more as pictured. Click picture to enlarge. The mini-king cone will fit directly on most commercial and home embroidery machines. Sorry! Because of the deep discounts on this thread set we do not allow colors to be requested.

Thread Rack Small rack holds 60 spools or mini-king cones. Measures approximately 15" x 13". 1.5" between each peg.

Bobbin Thread The perfect thread for winding your own bobbins. Made of 60wt filament polyester for machine embroidery. 5000 meters (5500 yards) per cone.

Tearaway Backing 200 sheets of 8" x 8" precuts. An all purpose medium-weight tearaway works well with high stitch counts and many different fabrics. 45 gms. Nonwoven 50% polyester/50% rayon.