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Starting a new hobby like quilting might seem overwhelming at first, but armed with the right supplies, a little patience, and a dash of creativity, you'll soon be creating beautiful quilted masterpieces. At ThreadArt, we are devoted to providing an extensive range of high-quality quilting supplies. You will find everything from cotton thread and fabric to the best selection of fat quarters. Happy quilting!

1. Sewing Machine

An investment in a reliable, easy-to-use sewing machine can make your quilting journey a lot smoother. Opt for a machine that provides a variety of stitch types and is comfortable to use.

2. Cotton Fabric

Fabric is the foundation of your quilt. Cotton is traditionally used for quilting due to its durability, ease of handling, and wide range of patterns and colors. Choose high-quality, 100% cotton fabric for the best results.

3. Fat Quarters

Fat quarters are pre-cut pieces of fabric measuring approximately 18x22 inches. They offer a fantastic way to incorporate a variety of prints and colors into your quilt without having to purchase larger quantities of fabric.

4. Cotton Thread

When it comes to thread, using 100% cotton thread is highly recommended for quilting. Cotton thread has a little give and is less likely to break when the quilt is in use.

5. Rotary Cutter and Mat

A rotary cutter is a tool that resembles a pizza cutter, allowing you to cut fabric quickly and accurately. Pair it with a self-healing cutting mat to protect your table surface and keep the cutter blade sharp.

6. Quilting Rulers

Quilting rulers are crucial for measuring and cutting precise shapes and strips. A 6x24 inch ruler is an excellent general-purpose ruler to start with.

7. Quilting Pins and Pin Cushion

Long, sturdy pins are used to hold fabric layers together before and during sewing. A pin cushion provides a convenient and safe storage place for your pins.

8. Safety Pins

Safety pins are used to hold together the quilt top, batting, and backing during the quilting process.

9. Seam Ripper

Mistakes happen to the best of us. A seam ripper is a tool that enables you to carefully cut and remove unwanted stitches.

10. Iron and Ironing Board

Pressing your fabric before cutting and sewing, and pressing your seams as you sew, ensures accuracy and a professional finish. A steam iron and a sturdy ironing board are must-haves.

11. Quilting Needles

These are specifically designed for machine quilting. They have a special tapered design and slightly rounded point to sew through multiple layers and intersecting seams without damage.

12. Quilting Batting

This is the fluffy layer sandwiched between the quilt top and the backing, providing warmth and structure. Cotton or cotton blend batting is a good choice for beginners.

13. Quilt Patterns

As a beginner, following pre-designed patterns can help you get the hang of piecing and quilting techniques.