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Hand embroidery is a timeless art form that transforms ordinary fabric into a canvas for creative expression.

Cotton Embroidery Floss is a mainstay in the world of hand embroidery. It's highly absorbent, colorfast, and has a matte finish that adds a soft, appealing texture to your handiwork.

The versatility of our Cotton Embroidery Floss can't be overstated. Composed of six easily separable strands, you can adjust the thread's thickness to suit your needs. From delicate, thin lines to thicker, bolder strokes, our floss allows a great deal of flexibility in your stitchery. Perfect for cross-stitch, needlepoint, and crewel, this floss is the ideal choice for projects that demand precision and detail.

Equally remarkable is our Pearl Cotton Thread Size 8. Pearl Cotton, also known as perle cotton, is a highly lustrous, twisted, non-divisible thread known for its beautiful sheen and voluminous appearance. This thread is made from long-staple cotton, mercerized to enhance its strength, luster, and dye affinity. The result is a luxurious thread that adds a touch of elegance and richness to any embroidery project.

At Size 8, our Pearl Cotton Thread strikes a balance between delicacy and volume. It's thick enough to add substantial texture and definition to your work, yet thin enough to manage intricate designs. The thread's consistent thickness and the twist in the fibers give your stitches a unique, pronounced look. Whether you're working on traditional embroidery, sashiko, smocking, or hardanger, our Size 8 Pearl Cotton Thread elevates your work with its exquisite finish and durability.

Both our Cotton Embroidery Floss and Pearl Cotton Thread Size 8 are perfect for hand embroidery, but their applications extend beyond that. They're excellent for other needlework crafts like quilting and appliqué, as well as craft projects such as friendship bracelets, tassels, and more.

Additionally, we offer a diverse color palette for both types of threads. From vibrant hues to pastel tones and neutral shades, we've got you covered. Each color of thread is carefully dyed, colorfast and resistant to fading. This means the radiant colors of your projects will stand the test of time.

When it comes to quantity, both types of threads are available in generous skeins, ensuring you have ample thread for your projects.

Both, our Cotton Embroidery Floss and Pearl Cotton Thread Size 8 embody the quality and versatility that every hand embroidery artist desires. Their rich colors, easy workability, and the outstanding texture they lend to designs make them indispensable additions to your embroidery supplies. By selecting our premium hand embroidery threads, you're not only choosing materials that make your creations look exceptional, but you're also investing in the durability and longevity of your work. We invite you to experience the difference these threads can make in bringing your embroidery visions to life.