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Embroidery Design Help

Downloading Designs

You can download your designs by clicking the download link after you place your order or the download email you will receive. You can also log into your account and download from the order history section. Your downloads will be available for 30 days after purchase.

Unzip the Download File

Your download files are compressed or zipped so that they take up less space and arrive much faster than files that haven’t been compressed. You can easily identify compressed files by their extensions, such as .zip (a common standard used in OS X and Windows). Before you can use these files, you must unzip them.

1. Double Click the file you have just downloaded with .zip extension.

  • On newer Windows computers, files can be unzipped using Windows Explorer. Locate zipped file and right click on file. Choose extract all.
  • If you have an older version of Windows and do not already have a program on your computer for unzipping files, you can download may have to download a program to unzip your files.  There are several free unzipping program available on-line.
  • If you have an Apple computer, OS X lets you unzip files.

    2. Find the folder where the files were unzipped. It will typically be called the same thing as the .zip file (but without the .zip extension) and be located in the same location where the .zip file was downloaded

    Print Design Sheet

    Before stitching, you will need to print out the machine embroidery design sheet. The design sheet includes important information such as design size, stitch count and colors.


    Your embroidery software and machine will probably not reflect the thread colors that we used for the design. Different embroidery formats (.pes, .vip, .exp, etc.) retain different color information because each machine/software has its own color palette. Instead of following the colors on your software/machine, use the machine embroidery design sheet that is provided for each design. The color stops are listed in order, beginning with one. The design sheets also list the ThreadArt color that we used to test the design. To convert to other popular brands of thread, please see the color conversion chart on our website.

    Design Size

    The exact size of the design is printed on the design sheet. If the design is too large for your embroidery machine hoop, you may have problems such as error messages or corrupt or blank files. Please check your operating manual for more information. We can not guarantee results when resizing designs with other embroidery software.


    It is highly recommended that you run a test sample on scrap fabric before using the designs on garments or other items in which you have invested considerable time or money.


    ThreadArt machine embroidery designs are for your personal use only. You may not share, distribute, or sell the designs on this website to anyone else. These designs may be stitched on an unlimited number of products for sale or gifts.

    If this page did not answer your question or solve your problem, you may e-mail us at