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♡ 25% Or More Off All Bobbin Thread ♡
♡ 25% Or More Off All Bobbin Thread ♡

Sulky Soft n Sheer Extra Small

SKU TS23501

This time-saving stabilizer is a great choice for a mid-weight, cut-away. Iron it onto the wrong side of your fabric, using a low temperature of about 260 deg.. This makes it perfect for more delicate fabrics that don't like high heat. On mid-weight knits, use one layer of Soft 'n Sheer Extra rather than two layers of the original Soft 'n Sheer. It is also a wonderful backing for embellishing pillow tops, and as an interfacing in garments that you simply want to remain cool and light. When you don't want fleece or batting in a quilted garment, this is the perfect alternative. 20" x 36" sheet.