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40 Cones of 500 Meters Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread - Jewel Tones

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A set of 40 cones of 500 meter (550 yards) of machine embroidery polyester thread. This style of spools will fit in all major embroidery/sewing machines including the older Brother cartridge style. This set includes 40 Jewel colors of our popular embroidery thread colors as pictured.  40wt. A white snap-style thread holder is include on each mini-king cone. It holds the end of the thread in place during storage to prevent unraveling and tangles. 

We offer a total of four different 40 cone polyester thread sets on 500 meter spools. You can collect all four sets for a total of 160 different colors of machine embroidery thread.
  • Vibrant Set - Starter Set of our 40 Most Popular/Basic Colors. New to machine embroidery? This is the set you will want to purchase first.
  • Jewel Set - We call this extension set our Jewel tone set and as the name suggests it features a wide range of gem colors including both deep, rich tones and pastel colors.
  • Vivid Set - This extension set called our Vivid set will really extend your range of pink/red and green shades of thread. A good set to add for holiday and nature embroidery work.
  • Brilliant Set - This extension set called our Brilliant set will increase your selection of blues and neutral colors of thread. Sometimes we forget to collect the neutral shades of thread because they are not the pretty one. Add this set to your thread collection and you will have the colors you need on hand. Plus, this set is not all boring. It has some really pretty blues to enjoy.