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Bobbin Thread Back in Stock!

Washaway Embroidery Backing Stabilizer - 8x8 200 Precut Sheets

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SKU sol02-8x8
  • โœ… 200, 8" x 8" sheets of clear soluble embroidery stabilizer film provides firm stability and then washes away like magic with cold water.
  • โœ… Perfect for lightweight fabrics, lace-making, towels, and other applications where stabilizer needs to be invisible.
  • โœ… Also can be used on top of pile fabrics to provide an even surface for embroidery. This technique makes even makes fine lettering in plush items easy to see.
  • โœ… Perfect for both home and industrial embroidery machines.
  • โœ… Very easy to use. Hoop the stabilizer together with the fabric, then stitch. After finishing your project, use cold water to dissolve the clear film leaving just your embroidery.